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Vinohradská 155
+420 603 355 345
Technická 6
+420 603 303 404

What makes the difference?

Our staff provides perfect services: your car will be spotless and shiny

Thorough cleaning in as only as 1 hour

You can be sure that nothing will get lost from your car

During the process, your car is under the CCTV surveillance

Respectable attitude of our personnel is our core policy

High quality care for your car: Manual car washing right in the Prague's city centre

Our company has been operating the Collection Car Wash Centre since 2003. We are committed to offer the most comfortable services of manual car washing and cleaning. Our priority is to make our customers fully satisfied with our complex services. Each month, we evaluate a survey of customers visiting our centres, focusing on quality of the offered services, the most popular service packages, price of the packages, customer satisfaction, and above all the quality of our staff.


Our survey reveals that the quality of the provided services is of utmost importance for our customers.

The scope of the services

The scope and variety of the services offered by our Collection Car Wash Centre is the second most important aspect for our customers. Therefore, we provide broad range of available packages for our customers.


The price of the services offered should correspond with the general standard. Therefore, we in the Collection Car Wash Centre do not increase prices and always guarantee the prices according to the current price list.

Quality of our personnel

Our personnel are evaluated based on the quality and expedience of their services. It is our aim that our front-office personnel are pleasant, respectable, responsive and helpful. It goes without saying that our personnel speak English mainly because many of our customers are foreigners.

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